William Rosario donning his defensive MVP Trophy

By:Marvin Chambers:|4.0 Sports Media

In my mind Rosario has to rank one of the toughest defensive ends prospects in New York. On film and in person, he plays the game on his on his feet. On game day, he not only plays like a big-time defensive end but also plays defense with the same intensity. There is little weakness in his game. William Rosario is an exceptionally hard worker, shows the ability to turn up his game when needed, and improves with every game and camps attended.

Rosario is turning heads and plays for Washingtonville Wizards in New York. William is a very physical defensive end that is making his presence be known. Rosario plays the game with a chip on his shoulder and has a high motor.

Mr.Rosario was very impressive against the White team donning his signature blue chrome helmet. On the defense side he tallied 9 tackles, 7 of them unassisted and a sack. I was most impressed with his motor, the violent hands, the agility and his natural knee bend you rarely see at this age group. William is quick enough to bull rush; he shows excellent technique throughout the game against the White team and is a bonafide leader on the field. Rosario took home of the defensive lineman MVP player of the game.

4.0 Media caught up with Rosario after their 33-19 victory. “I work hard and practice my footwork on daily basis. I was cheering my team on and kept them focus. I want recruiters to know I work very hard, I am a coachable kid and I will do whatever it takes to be a winner on the field. I may not be the biggest kid on the field but I’m going to give you everything that I got.” William Rosario said.

I project Rosario playing either DB or OLB on the next level. One thing that is evident about this kid when he gets between those white lines it is all about business, so you better be ready for number 5.