William "Rico" Benjamin Jr.

By:Lester Johnson:|4.0 Sports Media

RB/LB William ” Rico” Benjamin Jr is one of the top recruit in the western New York area. The 5’7 180 lbs. RB out of Rochester, NY area have been referred to NFL player Ezekiel Elliott of the Dallas Cowboys. Benjamin Jr. runs with a physical temperament, can cut on a dime. He plays much bigger than he looks and has proven to be a difficult tackle.

After competing in the AB Youth All-American Game in 2017 and the IV Star Showcase in 2017, William impressed recruiters with his great vision, balance, and yards after contact. It was Benjamin performances in those games that made evaluators inquire about his unique talent.

4.0 Sports Media caught up with his mother Nicole Mundy yesterday for a few words. “So William “Rico” “Silent Assassin” Benjamin Jr. got into St. Joseph’s Regional High School in NJ. Here we go he has been playing football since he was 5yrs old. I am thankful, and appreciate everyone who has worked with him these 15 years . I am thankful for him playing in the AB Youth All-American Game last July with Brandon Elliott/D.B. Battle, Devaughn Snowden which led him to playing in The IV Star Show Case with Marvin Chambers, if you don’t know him you better get to know him. His work speaks for itself get to know him. I will tell every parent that is serious about getting their student-athletes exposure I would start at the AB Youth All-American Game and then the IV Star Showcase Camp in July. I’m glad I was part of these two events because it helped my son to get where is he now.” Nicole Mundy said.

Benjamin is a complete back who can run, catch, and block, he is very strong and motivated. Coaches’ love this young man’s work ethic and attitude. He never takes a play off and loves to play the sport. St. Joseph of Montvale of the Big North Conference in New Jersey is getting a very good one.

“One of the thing about Ms. Mundy she did her homework about these games and camps out here. She wasn’t going to have her son involved with games just for bragging right purposes. A lot of times parents are misinformed about these games or camps. She wanted her son to gain exposure and to get recruited, so going this route, she killed two birds with one stone. I say all the time to parents, do your homework with these entities out there. The AB Youth All-American Game & the IV Star Showcase camps are changing these kids family dynamics.” CEO IV Star Showcase & Blue Chip Sporting Recruiting Marvin Chambers said.