West Virginia running back Alec Sinkfield getting those tough yards (4.0 Sports Photo)

By:|Philip Blackwell:|4.0 Sports Media

Morgantown, WV-The Mountaineers knew they had to play better after Iowa State dismantle WVU 30-14 last week in Ames, Iowa. The Mountaineers did respond accordingly and beat Baylor 58-14 in Morgantown.

When WVU safety Kenny Robinson ran through receiver Denzel Mimms. It set the tone for the game, it was an incomplete pass that set up a third down and had to punt but the point was made.

“I thought that was huge,” defensive coordinator Tony Gibson said. “That hit knocked the ball out, and that’ll make the quarterback not want to throw over the middle and it made his receivers slow down a little bit.”

Baylor’s receivers Mims and company were very skittish running routes across the middle of the field. You had balls ricocheting off their arms and pads. The Bears wide-outs didn’t make catching the ball a number one priority. The throwing lanes got tighter for Brewer as the game progressed.

“I was trying to let them know it was dangerous in the secondary, trying to prove a point you can’t try me,” Robinson said.

Bears quarterback Charlie Brewer had a rough night. Charlie has thrown three interceptions in 245 pass attempts in the first seven games. He threw three in the first quarter in Thursday’s contest. One bounced off defensive back Mims. One went over the tall and athletic Jalen Hurd which is very difficult because of Hurd catch radius. Brewer was very unsettled in the pocket and it was evident when he was trying to hit his running back but instead found linebacker Shea Campbell. WVU did a solid job of masking their coverages all game long and both Brewer and Mcclendon looked confused throughout the contest.

“He looked a little off on that pick,” coach Matt Rhule said. “I said, ‘Are you OK?’ and I called the trainer over.”

Brewer was pulled from the game and Mcclendon stepped in at the quarterback position. Rhule wasn’t sure if Brewer had a concussion or was just having a horrible game. Brewer was 1-for-8 for 22 yards and three interceptions. to minus-16.5. When Jalan McClendon replaced Brewer, Baylor had 40 yards of offense. The Mountaineers had 35 yards on three interception returns and led 34-0.

“I felt like he really wasn’t prepared for us this time,” Robinson said. “We played hard and did our job the way we’re supposed to do it.”

When WVU was up 44-0 coach Gibson dialed down pressure packages. The Bears appreciated the generosity and scored touchdowns on back-to-back drives that took nine and 10 plays. The Bears then had a turnover on downs, a three-and-out and a punt against the WVU’s backups.

WVU finished with 12 tackles for a loss, five sacks, three interceptions and three forced fumbles and seemed to have a grip on things again after missing 31 tackles against Iowa State.

“Stop thinking,” said linebacker David Long, who had seven tackles, two tackles for a loss and a sack. “When you think too much you slow down. When you go out and play football you play fast. That’s what I’ve been teaching myself and the young players throughout the team. Don’t think too much. That kind of messes you up.”