By: Marvin Chambers:|4.0 Sports Media

Rochester, NY- Sonja Fitts Walters, Brandon Elliott, D.B. Battle, Devaughn Snowden and the rest of the AB Youth All American Classic add another successful event under their belts. They spare no expense with the kids and they made everyone feel like they were home.

The AB game was named after Elliott’s cousin Anthony E. Brown Jr. who was tragically murdered December 29, 2016. He loved the game of football played at Gates High and Moorisville College. His memory lives on through the AB Youth All-American game and their commitment to the community of Rochester, New York.

All week it was about the student-athletes and having recruiters and a national media coverage was a bonus for the kids. The kids and parents bonded all week with the different type of events. The whole week felt like a big family union getting together to have some fun.

This year the AB Youth All American event had kids traveled as far as South Carolina, North Carolina, DMV, Chicago, NJ, NY, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Texas. The kids knew this was a different type of game with elite competition coming from all over the country. The third and fourth-grade game went into sudden death overtime.

Some of the top talent that played well in the AB2K18: Anthony Diaz (MVP), Dashaun McClemmon, Jake Broussard, Jaxon Bernas (MVP), Zayden Williams, Zayden Walters (MVP), Jayden Jenkins (MVP), Derrion Glover (MVP), Hollis Sanders, Owen Newberns, Xavier Sebastian, Kingston Brown, Teddy Welch, Jayvion Sampson, Chase McCullough (MVP), Joseph Czerwinski (MVP), Ivan Pagan, Robert Beach, Brandon Wills Dickson (MVP), Malachi Bowman, Amir Blackshear (MVP), Elijah Bentacourt, Kelvin Shepard (MVP), Ian Schneeberger, Liam Ebel (MVP), Matthew Pepe (MVP), Camryn Higgins, Briyceton Thomas, Cam Gardener, Devon Weber (MVP), and William Rosario (MVP).

The AB Youth All American has inspired the young talent in the area and I know Anthony E. Brown Jr. and family are happy how this game has affected change in the Rochester community and their student-athletes. Stay tuned for AB2K19!