Passaic Indians getting ready to go to war against West New York

By:|Marvin Chambers:|4.0 Sports Media

Boverini Stadium-St-It was Homecoming night and the stadium had an old nostalgic feeling in the air. The names are no longer, McCoy, Johnson, Tatum, Stevens, Stowe, Fields, and Heyward but are replace with Coleman, Morillo, Robins, Ramirez, Pierrot, and Monroe.

“We understand the tradition here at Passaic. I want to bring that back here. So I go out every game play the game hard. I want to go out my senior year with a bang but for us to do this, we have to come to practice and play like a team. There’s a lot football left to play in the season.” Passaic captain Kervin Coleman said.

Coleman earns his stripes honestly plays like his uncle former Pittsburgh Steelers Tyronne Stowe. Coleman has a great frame shows terrific instincts, and can make plays from sideline to sideline. He has knack for making things happen. Having played with his uncle and seeing Coleman on the field reminds me of #58 that use to terrorize backfields in the 80’s.

Tyron Robins who ran for 193 yards and four touchdowns on just 10 carries in Passaic’s 35-0 victory over Memorial at Boverini Stadium took the first play of the game from scrimmage 65-yards to the house.

Robins is a shifty back with terrific speed, vision, and balance. He’s quick to the hole and exceptionally creative in the open field showing the moves, strength, and acceleration needed to become an impact back at the next level.

“I wish we can played all of our games like this one. Our offense line blocked well today and stayed on their blocks all game long. It was easy for me tonight because of those guys. We have to stay hungry and keep playing for us. If we do that we can still make it to the playoffs but we have to take it one game at a time.” Passaic running back Tyron Robins said.

The Indians’ defense stiffened and made West New York punt five consecutive series, the Tigers had a difficult time adjusting to the speed and athleticism of the Indians. West New York quarterback Juan Donoso was under duress for the entire game and when he did have time to throw he couldn’t find any open receivers.

“I had to change the way I play the game. I was a very selfish player early in my career but Kervin and the rest of the seniors kept telling me, it is not about personal accolades it is all about the team. I had to buy in and I will do anything for my teammates. I love these guys. We need a few more games like this but we have to stay hungry and not get lazy. We all want to keep playing.” Passaic Antrell Monroe said.

Monroe is blessed with brilliant speed, ideal height, and confidence, he has all the tools for future stardom if he remains focused. Antrell shows the length and loose hips you look for in a safety and came up a few times to lay some wood on some of the West New York players.

Indians’ Cesar Morillo returned a punt for a 67-yards TD in the third quarter. On defense, Edward Pierrot had an interception and Kervin Coleman had eight tackles and a fumble recovery.

Looking at some of the Passaic’s coaches who are alumus that played back in Passaic’s hay day were beaming with pride. They are Marc Dupree (Class of ’87), Bill Curry (Class of ’88), Mario Maravi (Class of ’90), and Eddie Jackson (Class of ’95). Once a Indian always a Indian. (Class of ’83).