Naahzeikial " The South Carolina Hurricane" Mays

By:Lance Buford:|4.0 Sports Media

RB Naahzeikial Mays is one of those kids that had to work for everything he gets. The 5’7 160 lbs. RB out of Columbia, South Carolina has been referred to Ezekiel Elliot of the Dallas Cowboys. Mays is a physical back and he is always a tough tackle on the edge.

Mays is a playmaker who can catch the ball out of the backfield showing explosives moves on the perimeter. Naahzeikial is a dynamic runner between the tackles, he keeps his pads low, has good body lean, and does a great job finishing off his runs and doesn’t shy away from contact.

4.0 Sports Media caught up with CEO of Blue Chip Sports Recruiting Marvin Chambers regarding Mays: I first laid eyes on Mays at the AB Youth All-American game last year and I was very impressed with his decision-making ability in the hole. He is always going forward not backward for positive yards. I was making notes and sharing them with some of the recruiters out there, this kid is going to be real special down the road. He is very versatile and can hurt you in a lot of ways. This past weekend at the Summershine game he touched the ball three times and scored three times. He is a human highlight reel all by himself.” Chambers said.

Although Mays is a special athlete on the field he is also very impressive as a student-athlete. He is an honor roll student in the classroom. This student-athlete and Brooklyn Cayce Middle school player wants to work hard because he wants football to pay for his education.

Mays is very strong in the legs with a legit stiff arm, he is known for getting extra yards after initial contact. Naahzeikial is a complete back who can run, catch, and block. He is dependable between the tackles; he also has the burst, body control, and pure speed to cut it outside for long gainers. Mays will definitely make our 4.0 watch list and everyone’s radar for recruiting he is that special.