Joe " The Rock" Matone

On of the more athletic center prospects in the state of Jersey. He brings sexy back at the offensive line position, where most kids dread the thought of playing that position. Matone brings his lunch pale every day when he straps it up between the white chalk.

“I met Matone five years at a game and saw a small kid with a lot of heart that blocked very well and I wanted to him to play in the IV Star Showcase Elite All Star Game. I remember talking to his mother and she calmly said “talk to my husband.” When I talked to Joe Matone Sr about his son I just remember telling him in a few years your son is going to be a good one. Five years later the accolades kept coming for Matone Jr. The Outland Award (The Best Interior Lineman), IV Star Showcase All Academic Award for five years, MVP Awards for excellence performance in the IV Star Showcase Camps, rankings in the Blue Chip Report, The Vincent Ascolese Award in 2016 and it is awarded to the top student-athlete who not only get it done academically but also is a viable member in their community trying to make a difference. Every year Matone got better with his footwork and agility going to various camps to horn in on his craft. He is definitely a difference maker in the center of everything and turned a lot of prep schools head in the last few years. CEO of IV Star Showcase Marvin Chambers said.

On film #50 is not only athletic but smart, a great leader and very coachable. Joe Matone shows good footwork and an understanding of angles. He consistently squares up properly when taking on oncoming defenders. Coaches admires how fast Joe is able to snap the ball and get to the second level and seals the linebacker in sight.

“When I first got selected to the IV Star Showcase I was really excited but I got to the first practice in 2013 I was like only crap these sixth graders are huge and I was only in the fifth at the time. I must of had a look on my face because I remember Marvin coming over and saying don’t worry about their size you are here at this game because you can play football not because you paid your way in. I said ok I didn’t want to let him down or my parents who took time off from work. I had one of my best game of my life and after that talk I never worried about size again, I just line up and play football now. These five years went so fast and I’m going to miss it but I’m glad I made a lot friends through this process. The IV Star Showcase made me a better player and opened many opportunities for me that I wouldn’t of had.” Joe Matone Jr. said.

Matone in his final game as a IV Star Showcase Elite All Star was instrumental in the go ahead drive that put the IV Star Showcase Elite All Stars up 12-7 over national bound Fox Rox team who crushed all their opponents by 40 points all season long. Even with a tough lost 13-12 #50 was opening huge holes for standout running back from Rochester, NY William ” The Freight Train” Benjamin who created havoc between the tackles.

One thing I’m impressed with Joe Jr. is every year he worked on his weakness and got better at the point attack. Once he gets his hands on you it is all over. I can’t wait to see Matone on the next level at a prep school, you heard it first here.