Joe Czerwinski donning his defensive MVP Award

By: Marvin Chambers:|4.0 Sports Media

DE/TE Joe Czerwinski is an upcoming name in the South Jersey area. Joe playing style is referred to NFL player Jason Tuck of the New York Giants. Czerwinski is a gifted athlete who is always around the ball making plays.

Czerwinski is an impact run defender with good hips and leverage. In person, Joe improves with every game showing a lot of football savvy and a high IQ on film. “Baby Gronk” has exceptional pass rushing skills, good hand placement and plays hard on every down.

Czerwinski had a game for the record books against the White team accumulating 9 tackles and a tackle for a lost. Joe took home the defensive MVP Award of the game and scored a 4-yard touchdown on an quick out thrown by QB Derrion Glover. 4.0 Sports Media caught up with Czerwinski after the game. “I go out on every play to make plays for my team. This game I was a little more focused. We played hard for four quarters and I was just trying to make plays for my team. I want recruiters and scouts to know that I’m coachable and will work very hard to be successful on and off the field.” “Baby Gronk” said.

4.0 Sports Media was impressed with Czerwinski on how well he plays at a good pad level and how quickly he shed blockers with ease. Joe shows the kind of burst that scouts drool over, he comes at you in a hot second, and most RB’s have trouble getting out the way. This student-athlete has a huge upside and he is a real focus on being a complete football player.