Jake Polito

This season is producing many top young prospects making a name for themselves. One young athlete who is playing lights out these last few weeks in the playoffs is Jake Polito from the Westchester area.

Jake shows outstanding quickness off the ball from his tackle position; he can set his feet and get his hands up fast while maintaining balance and body control. Polito stands 5’10 200 lbs. and tough as they come. Jake is very physical when blocking out on the second level.

Scouts who attended the championship game against New Rochelle were impressed with Polito ability to stay square and wall off second level defenders. Jake excels as a pass protector showing loose hips, excellent body control, and very good mobility. JP can bend his knees and can fire out of his stance.

4.0 Media caught up with Polito after his game versus New Rochelle. “This difference between me and those other kids, I want to get better and I want to be challenged. If you don’t get challenged you are not going to be ready for the next level point blank. My parents are very supportive and they challenge my on a daily basis on the football field and in the classroom.” Polito said.

The Somers middle school player is an honor student and he will definitely be ready on the next level. Polito favorite NFL player is JJ Watt of the Houston Texans.

Polito plays big in big games showing athletic ability, excellent quickness and strength and an aggressive attitude. Jake is a very solid football player who rarely makes mistakes but when he does, he shows very good recovery speed. The Somers Tuskers have a great lineman in Polito and he is only going to get better.