By:Connor Adams:|4.0 Sports Media

The IV Star Exposure Camps and events brings student-athletes to a national forefront, providing a dramatic stage to showcase their talent to coaches, prep, boarding schools and colleges. All participants that attend the IV Star camps undergo a stringent evaluation process, from legitimate scouts and evaluators. In the last 5 years the IV Star Showcase have had 117 student-athletes obtain financial aid to schools such as Bergen Catholic, Don Bosco, Peddie, St.Joseph, Dematha, Choate, Taft, Gillman, Lawrenceville Prep, Hun, St. Peters, St.Pauls, Penn Charter, Bishop McDevitt, and colleges from Alabama to Rutgers.

“The benefit of the IV Star Exposure camps compared to any other event is that the IV Star doesn’t only focus solely on athletics, but the educational value that is gonna prepare student-athletes for the next level,” said Marvin Chambers the CEO of IV Star Showcase & Blue Chip Imaging & Sports Recruiting. “We teach them about social media etiquette, being socially responsible. We want to get these kids not only athletically but academically prepared for the next level because it is business when you move up on the next level. But you have to get on the radar first, so that is why we are having our camp July 28 at St. Joes in Montvale. A lot of student-athletes want to get recruited but they think they can get recruited on their time. I hear a lot of excuses about why they can’t attend our camp and I always reply to them you can’t get upset when your name isn’t on anybody’s radar. They miss their opportunities because they are giving bad information on the process and certain events instead of doing their own due diligence. It is getting confusing nowadays for parents because there are some many camps and games out there and you don’t know who you can trust. I always tell parents they have to check their body of work and that will tell you if they are reputable or not.”

The IV Star Showcase has cast its net long and wide in searching for some of the country’s top talent for their game. The camp portion offers an unique portion for the student-athletes. The main goal is for the kids to get properly evaluated from top coaches on the eastern seaboard, skills & drills, and to get their name on the radar.

“For the all-star game we recruited from New Jersey all the way down to South Carolina,” said Chambers. “One of the things we are most proud of is connecting with a lot of the top elite prep and boarding schools throughout the country. Our main objective is preparing these kids for the next level as far as the educational value, putting them on a platform where they can develop their skills through our camps throughout the year, interacting with coaches throughout the country. I been blessed to be in the recruiting game for over 25 years and developed great relationships from colleges from Alabama to Rutgers. Having 15 kids that came through your program and got drafted last year doesn’t hurt either. I always tell parents our body of work speaks for itself.”

Former participants include Bergen Catholic (Oradell, N.J.) junior phenom Josh McKenzie, one of the top ranked football player and wrestler throughout the country.

Leddie Brown committed to West Virginia, Union City sophomore defensive lineman Jose Tavares, Passaic linebacker Kervin Coleman, Atlantic City freshman safety Jabril Shakur, all world Don Bosco Jalen Burger, Jake Tarentino Don Bosco, Andrew Bailey St. Joseph Philly, Noble House St. Joseph Philly, Zachary Derish Taft, Stefan & Nick Gladis Gilman, Dwayne Allick DeMatha, Ethan Govea Peddie, Patrick Smith Peddie, Gage Moellman St. John Vianney, CJ Duell St. John Vianney, Quizzon Tarver St. Pauls, Shane Steinlauf Choate, Jaye McNeil Ryan, Eric Hearn Lawrenceville Prep, Jada Byers St. Joes Hamm, Joe Berry Bishop McDevitt, Daryl Curtis Penn Charter, Matthew Delaurentis Pope John Paul II, Samuel East & Vic Tartara Red Bank Catholic, Shawan Greshman St. Marys Michael Santini & David Drouet both started as sophomores North Bergen, Paul Lefkowitz St.Peters, Devin Grinnage Westminster, Chris Tyree Thomas Dale (5 offers), Tyler Booker Bergen Catholic, Duke Doherty Everett, Tye Hammons Hunn, Ivaniur Brito Jr Paramus Catholic, Brad Vespe La Salle College High School just to name a few.

“One of the things I’m most of proud of, how these young student-athletes develop. Some of the young athletes that are receiving national notoriety are; Champ Long quarterback from Connecticut (Very Athletic High Football IQ), Pearon Hill running back and national acclaimed wrestler,(Plays with a chip on his shoulder, man-child) William “Rico” Benjamin Jr. (RB/LB called quiet storm but will hurt you), and Raejoughn Yeomas (Pure athlete) both in the Rochester, NY area. I saw Benjamin & Yeomas last year at the AB Youth All-American game in western NY last July which had a plethora of talent. But at the end of the day the parents have to make a concerted effort to get their kids recruited I think there is a big misconception going around, some parents think if their kid is good someone is going to find them and they will get recruited and that is so far from the truth. I always say this to the parents, that ones that understands the process and the kids that work hard in and out of the class room will put him/her in the right direction to get recruited. Last point camps aren’t going to be in your back yard, sometimes you may have to do a few road trips to get their name on the radar. Again you have to get your student-athlete’s name on the radar. Don’t miss out on opportunity to get on the radar July 28 at St. Joe.” Marvin Chambers said passionately.