Gavin " The Maine Rifle" Rawstron

The #1 prospect in the state of Maine, he ranks in our top 100. On film he’s big frame now to add another 20 or 30 pounds over the next couple of years. Gavin is capable of marking all the throws and he has the sixth sense knowing when to put extra touch on the ball or when to fire it. Rawstron can consistently hit moving targets and is not just a pure pocket passer with a quick release, he’s also athletic enough to run himself out of trouble.

This skinny little quarterback a Sabbattus Maine native started his journey with the IV Star Showcase five years at its showcase game at Plymouth Whitemarsh High school. No one really knew this kid but the one thing that was noticeable, his athleticism, leadership, and poise at the quarterback position.

“When I first met Gavin I wasn’t really sure what to expect of him in the game especially going against talent from all over the eastern seaboard. He was a quiet kid but the one thing I remember when he got on the field he just kept making plays and all the scouts that was on hand were very impress with his fluid throwing motion and his decision making abilities on the run.” CEO of IV Star Showcase Marvin Chambers said.

Over the last 5 years Gavin racked countless awards from participating in the IV Star Showcase Elite All Star game, the Davey O’Brien Award,(Best Quarterback), the IV Star Showcase All Academic Award for five straight years, MVP recognition for his performance in the IV Star Showcase camps and took home the most coveted award that the IV Star Showcase dolls out, it is the Vincent Ascolese Award in 2017 and it is awarded to the top student-athlete who not only get it done academically but also is a viable member in their community trying to make a difference.

“When I first played in the IV Star Showcase I just thought it was a just a game but when I saw the size of the kids and their athleticism I knew I had to step my game up. In the five years I competed I can honestly say I played with some of the best talent in the country who’s playing at some of the elite prep and boarding schools. I’m used to being the best player in Maine but at the IV Star Showcase events these kids was on a another level. I knew every year I had to compete and I gotten better as a student-athlete and a football player by participating in the IV Star Showcase. I wouldn’t be the player that I’m today if my parents didn’t take the time to invest in these events. I want to thank Blue Chip Imaging Sports Recruiting and the IV Star Showcase family for taking the time and making a difference in our lives. It is because of the IV Star Showcase and Blue Chip that I have options now.” Gavin Rawstron said.

Gavin is multi-talented student-athlete who plays baseball equally well. Standing close to six feet tall he has a lot schools clamoring for his services. Where ever Rawston decides to go he will definitely be an asset to their football or baseball program because of his natural skill sets and sports acumen. There are some things you can’t teach and he has all the intangibles you want in a student-athlete.