Deandre "Juice" Ricks

By:Lance Steiz:|4.0 Sports Media

After covering Ricks in 2016 4.0 came away completely sold with this young man’s ability as the next big thing coming out of the DMV area.

On film # 1 plays bigger than he looks and has proven to be a difficult tackle. Deandre Ricks runs with good body lean, keeps his legs moving, and rarely goes down on initial contact. He certaintly shows excellent football speed and does a great job of following his blockers, can cut a dime, runs with his pads low, gains significant yardage after initial contact. Ricks is a complete back who can run, catch, and block, he is very agile and alusive when chasing him down hill.

DeAndre (Juice) Ricks has joined team Maryland Heat in the GYFL since April 2018 with DeAndre joining the Heat Juice has been an great impact on the team under the leadership of Terrence Byrd (Head Coach). Juice is an humble athlete who not only excels on the field but also rocks in the classroom with a 3.5 GPA average.

4.0 Sports Media caught up with Vanessa Ricks to talk about her student-athlete (Juice). “First and foremost you have to trust the process. I’ve been very fortunate to surround myself with a company that knows the nuisances of the recruiting and NCAA compliance process. I pay strict attention to entities that are getting kids real exposure and not the ones that say they are. Any events that we do is always for exposure, recruitment, and not for bragging rights. We are preparing to play a national schedule and do a few more camps ( IMG Florida & IV Star Showcase Exposure Camp in NJ). I urge parents to really do their homework on this stuff because there are a lot of people that say they can help you but really can’t. As a single mom I can’t gamble on his development and non-sense. Lastly you have to be willing to travel, we done a lot of traveling to gain notoriety, exposure, recruited, and that is why we do the camps we do.” Ricks said.

The one thing that is so impressive about Ricks he gets the job done with style and not in a grandiose way. He is a throwback athlete who isn’t afraid to run between the tackles and run over his opponents. Recruiters loves how Juice is able to cut in the hole without missing a stride and able to gain positive yards.

CEO Marvin Chambers of Bluechip Sports Recruiting & the IV Star Showcase had this to say about Ricks. ” I have seen Juice a few times over the years, he is a major talent and he is doing big things at an early age. He is able to make defenders miss and shows good vision, balance, and burst. Deandre hits the hole quickly keeping his pads low and can run through defenders. A patient runner who shows enough burst to effectively cut back in instant. I’m up and down on the eastern seaboard and this kid is very special. We can’t wait to see him at our IV Star Showcase July 28th at St. Joes in Montvale. One thing I love about the family they make decisions based on getting all the facts and not hype. His mother does her due diligence on events that involves her kids. That’s a good thing because most parents get caught up with the bling, uniforms, facility, and the hype of it all but not Ms. Ricks. All eyes will be on him on our camp but I’m sure he will do fine in front of our recruiters that will be in attendance. Again this 7th grader is something to see and I have seen the best.” Marvin Chambers said.