By: Cely Mehr 4.0 Sports Writer

Nathan Atabay is a Senior and one of the captains of the Washington High School’s wrestling team. He is 17 years old, 6’ tall and weighs 170 lbs. He is hoping to be an engineer someday according to his mom, Shauna. Nate is a student athlete with a GPA of 3.5 and a record of 15 wins -5 losses in wrestling. Nate, as his family and friends call him is a down to earth teenager who is aware that there are times that he just can’t charm his way to the top.

On the recently concluded 42nd Mission San Jose Invitational Wrestling Tournament last February 3-4 Nate failed to qualify on the quarter finals. According to Coach Mike Barajas of Washington High School, a defeat in high school wrestling is a part of growing process… You win some… You lose some… It’s hard to win all the time…

“I wrestled my heart out, did all the right moves and wished that I had gone further but it was a tough competition”. He is certainly correct, the MSJ tourney was indeed a top notch meet with 72 participating schools and an attendance of 378 top student wrestlers. It is one of the oldest running tournaments and considered a season’s elite level event in the Northern California… Undeniably, it is a preview of the upcoming California State Championship

Girls, watch it… Don’t be fooled by his charm! Remember, he is a top contender in the wrestling mat. He did won three medals for this year. He nabbed the 2nd place at the Second Annual Nick Buzolich Classic and the 5th places on Lou Bronzan Invitational Wrestling Tournament and Mat Classic Wrestling Tournament for 2017.

Nate, keep wearing that charming smile and you did a great job!!! The Washington High School “Huskies” family is proud of you, Ernesto Ponce and Michael Barajas in representing your team!!!