Bob Smith 4.0 sports staff
When we last looked at Vashti Cunningham lining up the high jump and clearing the bar jumping a record breaking 1.96 or 6ft 5inches taking first in the Pan American Junior Championships at Foote Field in Edmonton,Alberta,Canada. Vashti would not be out done as her older brother “Randall Cunningham II” just took first place in Championships in the High Jump as well with a jump of 2.16 Meters and has a personal best of 2.26,just a shave away from qualifying for the Olympics trials as both became a family one,two duo. How can you go wrong with your dad being QB great Randall Cunningham who was in the NFL for 16 years as well a former top high jump champion himself back in his 79-81 high school years,Randall Sr. has been coaching his kids for the last 6 years. Vashti Cunningham standing at 6’1 and Randall II standing 6’7 have taken the high jump world by storm and have chosen to focus on the task of both making the 2016 Olympic team and representing the U.S. in Rio.
Both Vashti & Randall II are two sport stars with Vashti getting attention in Volleyball as well Randall II garnering attention from major college coaches as a top QB in the country with over 30 offers in 2013 who also was honored as the Nevada track athlete of the year enrolled in to USC as QB for the Trojans and transitioning to the track team to better his chances of making it to Rio.
Randall Sr. Pastor of the Las Vegas based Remnant ministries and his wife Felicity who danced professionally as a ballarina have always taken a very active approach on his children getting the right type of exposure and training, keeping God always first and the teachings of his ministies.
Vashti may want to follow her brother to USC as she feels out her offers from major colleges that would love to have her, that’s if she does’nt go pro. Vashti said ” I would love to see both me and my brother on the medal stand at the 2016 Olympics in Rio “.