AB2K18 Bigger & Better in 2018

By:Lester Johnson:|4.0 Sports Media

Rochester, NY- Sonja Fitts Walters, Brandon Elliott, D.B. Battle, Devaughn Snowden and the rest of the AB Youth All American Game staff is gearing up for AB2K18 July 17-21 in Rochester, NY.

The AB game was named after Elliott’s cousin Anthony E. Brown Jr. who was tragically murdered December 29, 2016. He loved the game of football played at Gates High and Moorisville College. His memory lives on through the AB Youth All-American game and their commitment to the community.

“We have a year under our belt and we grown and learned a lot from our game. We are very appreciative in the parents who believe in our vision for their kids. Our staff is very committed in getting our kids exposure and recruited. We partnered up with some great people who have a history of getting student-athletes to the next level. It is more than experience we want to really make an impact in these student-athletes lives. The main purpose of our game was to show student-athletes where their talents and academics can take them with the proper guidance, education, and exposure.” Brandon Elliott said.

Last year the AB Youth All American was a event that encompassed kids as far as South Carolina, North Carolina and Texas. This year it seems like the AB2K18 have tapped the talent rich area of the DMV and NJ area which will be non-stop action.

Some of the top talent returning for AB2K18: Tyrone Hughes, J’elyn Collins, Dashaun McClemmon, James Jackson, Teeshawn Smith, Darren Powell, Mekhi Powell, Anthony Diaz-Morales, Jake Broussard, RaeJough Yeomas, Jaxon Bernas, Trenton Shaw, Zayden Williams, Zayden Walters, Jayden Jenkins, Derrion Glover, Hollis Sanders, Amari Snowden, Andrew Parish, Owen Newberns, Zanya Bruce, Naahzeikial Mays, Brandon Elliott, Sincere Burroughs, Jamari Johnson, William Benjamin, and Gray Peterson just to name a few.

The selection process is a rigourous one in which the panel selects the top 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grader at their position throughout the country. Nominations are now open for the AB2K18 you can email the AB Youth All-American for more information at ABYOUTHALLAMERICAN@GMAIL.COM.

4.0 Sports Media caught up with CEO of Blue Chip Sport Recruiting Marvin Chambers on his take on the AB Youth All American Game; “I’ve been around this stuff for a very long time and a lot of these games out here are just games. The AB Staff is genuinely making a difference in these student-athletes lives and making an impact in the local community. Many of the kids that played in their game last year are being heavily recruited and are being looked at prep and boarding schools. I can assure you, they aren’t many entities out there that can say they have that type of relationship that can propel student-athletes to the next level. In business integrity means something and this AB group have figured it out the right way with class.” Marvin Chambers said.

If you want to see legitimate competition for all over the country then the AB2K2018 is the event you definitely don’t want to miss. Stay tuned!